Sunday Services take place at 11 am ( except in the summer, see schedule)

Trinity United church is an inter-generational, community-based church located in Cannington, Ontario.

We collectively look forward to entering and exploring this new way of ‘being church’.

TRINITY CANNINGTON UNITED CHURCH AFFIRMING MISSION STATEMENT: (became an official Affirming Congregation in June, 2019))
“As the people of Trinity United Church, we affirm and support the life
experience of all. We aim to provide a safe, nurturing environment where
we intentionally welcome all into the total life and ministry of the
Trinity family, including but not limited to: persons of any age, colour,
ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, intellectual and physical
ability, family configuration, social or economic circumstance or mental
health. All persons are invited to take part in every aspect of church
life including membership, leadership, celebrating life passages and
marriage. We are publicly committed to working and living together in our
journey toward justice for all of God’s people.”