A Cooperative Ministry of Rural United Churches

Cambray, Cannington, Oakwood, Woodville

Are you looking for something more in your life? Looking for a place for your family to spend time together? to help others? to have fun? Then check us out. The rural United Churches in your area took a bold step. We came together in 2018/2019 to share programs, share ministry, share ways of serving our communities. On most Sundays services are held at four churches. Joint services are held at one location only approximately once every month or two as well as in the summer. This is an opportunity for joint worship and fellowship.

“United Community Ministry” (UCM) a Cooperative Ministry, under the name with the United Church Pastoral charges of Cannington, Woodville, Cambray, Oakwood United Churches. This is the culmination of much meeting, planning, working , and anticipation that grew out of the Presbytery initiated area Chat Groups in 2016, with UCM officially starting Sept.1 , 2018.