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United Community Ministry Brock-Kawartha

( live services resumed in septmeber 2021 but as of december 24 services returned to online for dec. 24 and 26. no service jan. 2. decision pending GOING forward…..

COVID Protocol

Policy for COVID 19 Pandemic Purpose:

Provide an environment for both guests and staff/volunteers that mitigates risks from the COVID 19 disease. 
Policy Staff/volunteers will be held to the highest standards including: Well fitting masks for all indoor settings. Use of sanitizers provided on entry and exit and following prescribed infection control guidance. Social distancing when indoors. Worship service guidance protocols adherence. Screening questions to be addressed prior to serving with contact information provided.  
Participants in all in-person gatherings: You are ensured that all Staff/volunteers adhere to all the standards noted above. UCM requires that you also adhere to the policy to mitigate any harm to everyone participating in UCM programs.      

On September 12, 2021 we returned to in-person services at 5 churches. See the individual church pages for worship times. Covid protocols are in place. See Newsletter for details.

Services are led by our Clergy Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Cunningham and Licensed Lay Worship leaders at 5 churches. 9 services a year are held as joint services at one of the churches. See the Joint Services below.
Newsletters contain the rotational schedule of worship leaders for the month.
Online services are available a day or two after the Sunday service on YouTube at United Community Ministry

Joint Services

Mar 6, 2022 – 1st Lent/Communion – at Oakwood 9 am
Apr 15 – Good Friday – at Cannington 11 am
TBD – Apr 14 – Maundy Thursday?
TBD – Apr 17 – Early Easter Outdoor Service?
June 5 – Pentecost/Communion – at Woodville 11 am
June 26 – Outdoor Service & Picnic – at Peniel? 10:30 am

Beaverton Sunday Service Time; 9:30 am ( except in summer, see schedule)

Cambray Community sketch

Cambray Sunday Service Time is 10:30 am ( except in summer, see schedule)
Woodville sketch
Woodville Service Time: 11 am (except in summer, see schedule)
Peniel sketch
No services at this time
Oakwood sketch
Oakwood Service Time: 9 am ( except in summer see schedule)
trinity sketch
Trinity, Cannington Service Time: 11 am
( except summer, see schedule)