Sunday Services are at 9:30 am ( except summer, see schedule)

Peniel and Woodville United Churches are a close family. Worship is gently progressive and inclusive, with a Christ centred message and welcome for everyone.

Our sense of family does not end when the service is over – our commitment to neighbours, community, and YOU is shown in the events planned by the Strategic Thinking Team. This is the fun committee of our church. All they do is have fun – and plan fun events for the community. Anyone is welcome to participate in these events at no cost. We put out a donation box if you would like to help offset costs, but there is no obligation. Through these donations we have been able to offset local church costs, sponsor young students in El Salvador, help people in need through the local food bank and congregational benevolent funds.

How do we do this? Check out the annual Paddle down the drain – a well organized and safe canoe paddle down the drainage ditch that flows behind Mariposa farms.

Other events include a summer “Share your treasures” event and barbecue and church service (kind of like show and tell for adults), monthly euchre games, astronomy nights, a six-kilometre fun run down Peniel Road, and many more.

Do you have an idea for a fun community event? Contact the church at 705-439-2475 or United Community Ministry Team Administrator Ruth Fallding (, and ask her to connect you to Mike Maye.

We can’t wait to meet you!